Birmingham is the largest City in Alabama and is home to the University of Alabama. Nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains at the cross-section of two major railroads, Birmingham was once the primary industrial center of the southern United States. Today, Birmingham has transformed itself into a medical research, banking and service-based economy, making it one of the nation’s most livable cities with a vibrant downtown, a burgeoning loft community, a world-class culinary scene and more green space per capita than any other city in the nation.

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Mountainside Apartments in Birmingham Alabama

Mountainside Apartments

Birmingham, Alabama
Brooke Lyn Apartments in Birmingham Alabama

Brooke-Lyn Apartments

Birmingham, Alabama
Gardendale Oaks Apartments in Birmingham Alabama

Gardendale Oaks Apartments

Birmingham, Alabama
Gardendale Manor Apartments in Birmingham Alabama

Gardendale Manor Apartments

Birmingham, Alabama