Our team has the professionalism, experience, and understanding necessary to excel in real estate management. Our personnel are highly qualified and possess an in depth understanding of the dynamic changes in the marketplace in order to provide great residential communities. We believe that attention to detail and going that extra mile will ensure that our tenants will remain happy and have a positive experience while living with us.

Additionally, our experienced management team has a history of reinvigorating Non-Performing Assets. Through industry tested management techniques we have converted distressed properties into valuable Real Estate Assets.


“Providing Increased Value through Customized Property Management”

Our Values


Team Work






Established in 1986, Residential Niche is a unique, full service real estate company offering an experienced property management team specializing in residential communities.

At Residential Niche, we understand that success in real estate and property management comes from having a deep understanding of current Real Estate trends as well as overall economic and financial market trends. Managing properties involves carefully balancing our overall investment strategy with the lasting impact of strong relationships between landlords, tenants and vendors.

Each property that is managed by Residential Niche is given a unique plan of action in order to provide the optimum professional service and ensure long term appreciation of the property. As the management and leasing agent, we use our technical expertise to prepare a cost-effective management and marketing plan. Residential Niche, in this competitive market, has the sophistication, experience, fiscal capability and understanding of the dynamics of real estate management.

Residential Niche is prepared with a broad range of real estate and creative services to meet the needs of a changing marketplace. Our experience, industry contacts, and knowledge base provide cost effective management and profitable returns on our properties. We professionally manage properties with an emphasis on stability and a focus on increasing long term values.