Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Residential Niche is a professional property management firm working mainly in Alabama, Colorado and California. We are a full-service property management company whose primary focus is to manage residential, commercial properties.

At Residential Niche our goal is to provide top-quality property management services that are customized to each property’s specific parameters and goals.


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How do I reserve a home?

Once all applications are received and approved, a lease will be issued to the prospective tenants. When the lease is signed by all tenants and guarantors and returned with the deposit, we will then reserve the property of choice. Apartments are first come first serve.

How do I pay my rent?

Residential Niche requires that all rent be received on the 1st day of Every Month. Tenants are required to pay using a check for the entire residencial rent made payable to the property.

Or click on tenant services and pay online through Rent Manager

What is your pet policy?

Each property is different. Pets will be permissible only when the Landlord allows a pet on or in the property. Please ask your property manager if they allow pets. If pets are allowed, additional security deposit funds will apply. Dogs that are considered dangerous breads are not allowed. All pets must be licensed in accordance with State and City regulations.

Can I move out early from my lease?

Your lease is a binding contract. If you do decide to move out early, you are still required to pay the entire amount of rent every month. Per your lease, you are also required to keep on all main utilities (Water, Gas, Electricity) throughout the entire lease period.

If my application is denied will I be refunded the application fee?

No, once you have decided and given the ok to have your application processed, we as a company have incurred expenses and need to be compensated for this.

Do I need renters insurance?

Residential Niche does not require that tenants carry renters insurance unless specifically referenced in your lease. However, we do strongly recommend that you get coverage. In the event of a break in, fire, tenant liability, damage to personal property, flood or other loss issues, the tenant’s losses will not be covered without renters insurance. The policies are fairly inexpensive and worth the small investment.

Can I install a satellite dish (Direct TV or Dish Network) on the property?

You must obtain written permission from the property manager.  If approved, any and all cost of installation is at the tenant’s expense. In some cases, tenant may be responsible for returning the property to original condition at move-out once the dish has been removed.

What happens if something in the house breaks or stops working properly?

Any damage to any part of the property must be reported immediately. This includes damage to appliances, the interior or exterior of the house, or any features such as the A/C, water heater, or electronic garage door opener. Problems should be reported online at our website on our tenant services page. In the event of an emergency, immediately call our office.

When and how should I give notice to vacate?

It is important to refer to your lease for specific terms. Generally, notices to vacate on a term lease must be received by your property manager in writing at least 30 days before the end of your lease.

What happens if I stay beyond my lease term?

If you choose to stay in the property and a new lease is not signed, your agreement will continue on a month-to-month basis. Keep in mind, prior to your lease expiring, we may send you a choice to extend with a new 1-year lease, 6-month lease or stay on a month-to-month lease. The short-term 6 month lease or month-to-month will typically be at a higher rent amount. If you have decided to move at the end of your lease, you must send us a 30-Day Notice to Vacate at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the lease date. If you do move out of your property without given us a proper written notice, you will be responsible for rent for 30 days from your vacate date.

Can my rent price increase?

Not during the term of the lease. However, market prices change over time and at the time of your renewal the rental prices may have increased. You will be notified and receive a written notice at least 30 days prior to the increase and new terms taking effect.

When can I expect to receive my Security Deposit after my lease ends?

After termination of the lease agreement, your manager will do a thorough inspection of your property. They will then send you a check and a statement notifying you of any charges deducted from the deposit. It is generally sent out within 30-60 days from lease termination depending on applicable State laws. It is imperative that you provide us with a correct forwarding address when you move out so that we can mail the check.

Contact us or the individual property for any additional information.

Our corporate office is available for general questions, but please contact the individual properties for specific questions about policies and unit availability.